Oops! I May Not Do It Again (Britney Spears)


Oops! I May Not Do It Again (Britney Spears)

Oops! I can not do it again

May be Pop princess Britney Spears’ new-year resolution. The harmful girl would like to return inside 2007, can be with an underwear covering her assets plus guaranteeing bottomless days. Needless to say, a new album can be inside the offing to improve her industry inside 2007 following the last hit, Toxic.

Recently, the party girl’s snaps appeared inside leading hit over the world showing her partying without her underwear. She was enjoyed together with celeb socialite Paris Hilton.

Though Spears has accepted which she is taking the newfound versatility ‘too far’, the religious clerics all over the world might take it really this time. She can be hinting which the lately announced breakup from spouse Kevin Federline is guaranteeing more flexibility to ‘divulge’.

But the entertainers continue to be waiting to find more action from Kevin too, whom threatens to ‘divulge’ more by showing a steamy movie of the ex-couple. Since this movie was taken throughout their family existence, Spears, a mother-of-two, 25, whom went about a buying spree to purchase more underwear, cannot do much today. Spears had filed for breakup from her spouse of 2 years about November 6, 2006.

Her dancer spouse, Kevin, is planning to market x-rated homemade footage, that is mentioned to feature the newly wedded couple’s steamy escapades about their honeymoon, to David Hans Schmidt, online pornography seller.

But Spears has a answer to stop her estranged spouse Kevin from raking inside funds. Spears can herself place the sex tape found on the Internet plus it can be free. The footage is reported to be value about £120 million. Spears, whom became distinguished for her clean-cut, healthy image inside the early stages of her job, has absolutely topped Yahoo!’s yearly list of the most-searched names.

Since the birth of her initial child, Spears’ music job had taken a whipping plus Spears, that has available over seventy-six million records worldwide, is struggling for a return with a cool, fun, plus sexy movie inside 2007.

The latest breakup, pregnancy plus 2 deliveries inside 15 months, has not affected her revenue streams. The Britney Spears industry continues to be inside need. For example, Spears endorsed a aroma, “Curious”, plus earned a reported US million. After 1 year of sales, Curious, that was called the number one marketing perfume of 2004, fetched over US0 million.

The upcoming product endorsed by Spears, whom is additionally creating information with 4 books published including A Mother’s Gift, was Elizabeth Arden aroma, “Fantasy”, inside September 2005, plus it was another big hit at department shops. After the lucrative release of Fantasy, Spears announced the release of Curious: In Control, a limited edition perfume. Midnight Fantasy usually hit the marketplace inside the close future.

Hope which her December 31, 2006 resolutions, that can be another midnight fantasy to have more hits inside her profession, come true that will assist the world’s music lovers to love her more. Spears ranks as the eighth best-selling woman artist inside American music history, as well as the entertainment industry wants her to return with more hits following her Toxic.

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  1. I mean come on

    - she refuses to write ANY of her own music
    - she lipsynches
    - she is bad character model
    - she utilizes car tune

    I mean.. certainly… a few of her songs are catchy however I don’t receive how she is really common whenever like I mentioned she doesnt’ write or sing any of her “songs” thus she’s basically merely an image plus thats it…
    wtf?? somebody explain why folks describe her because a “pop icon”

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