The Benoit Tragedy – Was It Negative Effect Of Steroids?


The Benoit Tragedy – Was It Negative Effect Of Steroids?

The Canadian Crippler – Chris Benoit, his spouse Nancy, plus their 7-year-old son Daniel were found dead inside their Fayetteville, Georgia house about June 25, 2007. The next investigations revealed which Benoit murdered his spouse by strangling her, plus then killed his son before dangling himself inside the house’s fat area.

According to the media speculations, the Benoit tragedy was mere damaging impact of steroids; ‘roid rage had played a element inside the tragedy.

The courtroom forms introduced about June 2, 2007 revealed which the professional wrestler whom strangled his spouse plus son plus committed suicide last month purchased injectable steroids excessively.

According to the problem filed by the Department of Drug Enforcement Administration, Dr. Phil Astin, Benoit’s doctor whom has been charged with improperly prescribing drugs, recommended a 10-month supply of anabolic steroids to Chris Benoit each 3 to 4 weeks between May 2006 plus May 2007. Astin moreover recommended testosterone for Benoit.

The document states which Benoit was diagnosed because an excessive buyer of injectable steroids. The affidavit equally revealed which many controlled substances, including injectable anabolic steroids, were found inside Benoit’s house.

The anabolic steroids found inside Benoit’s house led the researching officials to question whether the tragedy was the bad impact of steroids; whether the drugs played a character inside the killings.

According to specialists, the folks taking steroids can experience the damaging impact of steroids; steroids may result paranoia, depression plus violent outbursts termed as “roid rage.”

According to sources, Chris Benoit had been a usual customer of MedXLife, a Florida-based, anti-aging clinic which had 2 of its owners pleaded guilty inside April to illegal steroid distribution.

The sources furthermore revealed which many excellent profile wrestlers had been utilizing anabolic steroids plus consequently experiencing bad impact of steroids. HCG as well as the steroid stanozolol were frequently transferred to the WWE star Eddie Guerrero inside early 2005. Eddie died about Nov. 13, 2005, inside a Minneapolis hotel space due to what a coroner later ruled because heart condition, complicated by an enlarged heart – i.e. bad impact of steroids – resulting from a history of anabolic steroid employ.

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  1. Well the query is very simple. Now i donno when this really is among the thousands wrestling rumors. But i know alot of individuals mention it without a source..

    Did Chyna ever confirm this inside a interview or perhaps a magazine? I actually wouldn’t be amazed when she did this to HHH.

    If she truly did plus HHH loves which type of stuff, i donno when i like Stephanie McMahon anymore….

  2. My brother appears to idolises Chris Benoit, regularly mentioning him on facebook, plus devoting days to him, what could I do?
    I could add, here are a few of the updates:

    can’t rest, chris benoit can eat me

    Friday the 13th, Benoit will fuck shit up!

    The upcoming girl which provides me a headache can discover out what Nancy Benoit was going from inside her final minutes

    Christmas Time with Chris Benoit

  3. …additionally i have another theory….on monday evening raw throughout the benoit tribute,chavo mentioned he invested the evening at chris’s home a limited nights before…he invested the evening plus had dinner with all the family…have the authorities questioned chavo? chavo was moreover the last 1 to be with eddie…and he mentioned he talked to benoit plus benoit ended the call with ‘i love u chavo’….. theres more…..chris benoit began wwe inside ecw…he was traded plus had 1 match inside ecw last week( ending his profession inside ecw) was this planned ?? plus by that?? what regarding the wrestler inside calgary or from calgary whom was moreover found dead last weekend??shane somthing?? he was a superior friend of benoit….or theres this…….benoit came house within the doctors,just following choosing up a perscription…he suffered with depression plus different factors…its mentioned which his spouse plus him had been arguing regarding him staying house with all the son more to aid raise him…mabey he only snapped…i indicate following years of carrying in every this rage plus thoughts
    …mabey he did kill his spouse…nevertheless then snapped from it….and thought to himself…omg im going to go to jail…and daniel is inside foster care plus go from thus much trauma…then he killed his son plus took his own lifetime thus he didnt have to face his consequences…i dont recognize…i need thus much to believe which it wasnt him…we’ll have to wait for the toxicoligy reports to come out…

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